Last Changed: 02. March, 2024 11:57am
  • Script's & Macro's
    - Using scripts, macros or software to automate the crate opening process is open to a permanent ban.
  • Bug Abuse
    - Abusing any bugs found will not be tolerated. Please report any bug found instantly!
  • Multi Accounts
    - Sharing accounts or having more than one account is forbidden!
  • Trading/Selling RLSim Items Out of Game
    - You will not be banned for trading/selling RLSimulator items out of the game. However if any issue arise RLSimulator staff and the website are not liable so perform at your own risk.
  • Advertising
    - We have zero tolerance against any self advertising!
  • Foreign Language
    - Please only talk english in our public chat/channels. Use private messages on Discord etc. to talk other languages.
  • Chat
    - Any form of toxic behavior, trolling, threats, hate speech/racism or use of NSFW content will not be tolerated and are subject to warnings and permanent bans at the discretion of RLSimulator staff
  • 1a
    - Spamming is prohibited
  • 1b
    - Do not beg for anything in the chat.
  • Keep it Appropriate
    - Please refrain from discussing topics not suitable to everyone.This includes avatars!

  • All of the above will be punished either with a mute, a chat ban or a permanent ban from RLSimulator!
    Ignorance does not protect one from punishment.

    NOTICE: All rules append to all sections of RLSimulator including the Website, the Discord Server and everything else, that is related to RLSimulator.
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