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    Last Changed: 03. July, 2019 2:09am
  • Script's & Macro's
    - Using scripts, macros or software to automate the crate opening process is forbidden!
  • Multiaccounts & Account Sharing.
    - Having more than one account is forbidden. (If you got a sibling that wants to create an account, contact a Staff member!) Sharing Accounts with others is strictly forbidden.
  • Trading/Selling RLSim Items Out of Game
    - You will not be banned for trading/selling rlsim items out of game. However if any issues arise RLSim staff and the website are not liable so perform at your own risk.
  • Bugusing
    - Using or even abusing any bugs is not allowed! Please report any found bug instantly!
  • Advertising
    - You are not allowed to advertise or share anything on the website, that does not belong to! Unless Owners or Staff have given you permission to do so.
  • Illegal Usernames
    - Any usernames, that contains insults, hate speech or any type of harassment are forbidden!
  • Leaking Information
    - Do not leak/publish others private information without their consent! This includes Name, Address, Phone numbers and IP!
  • Stealing Identity
    - Stealing someone identity or impersonating another user is forbidden!
  • Ignorance & Stupidity
    - Being ignorant and behaving stupid/immature will not be tolerated!
  • Scamming
    - Scamming other players is forbidden and will be punished! If you are wagering and one party does not uphold their end of the wager, if enough proof is provided Action may be taken.
  • Spamming
    - No letters, no words, no Emojis. Do not Spam at all!
  • Forcing & Pressuring
    - Forcing or pressuring people to join duels or anything else is alright under reasonable extent!
  • Foreign Language
    - Please only talk english in our public chat/channels. Use private messages on Discord etc. to talk other languages.
  • Foul language
    - Using foul language in chat can and will be punished!
  • Insulting
    - Do not use any insulting, racist or discriminating word's/phrases against other people/groups!
  • Hate
    - Do not hate on people/groups or anything at all!
  • Privacy
    - Do not share any private information, such as Account Data or personal data!
  • Encourage Spamming
    - Do not encourage anyone to spam. This includes hosting giveaways on your own!
  • Begging
    - Do not beg for anything in Chat! No begging for items, donations etc. Do not ask for donation or anything else!
  • Exposing
    - Do not try to expose other players. You may be held guilty for pretending to break the rules.
  • Joking About Suicide/Death
    - Do not joke about or make fun of death or suicide. Such topics are not meant to be made fun of.
  • Keep it Appropriate
    - Please refrain from discussing topics not suitable to everyone. This includes avatars.

  • All of the above will be punished either with a mute, a chat ban or a permanent ban from RLSimulator!
    Ignorance does not protect one from punishment.

    NOTICE: All rules append to all sections of RLSimulator including the Website, the Discord Server and everything else, that is related to RLSimulator.
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