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    Last Changed: 05. March, 2018 2:51pm
  • Script's & Macro's
    - Using scripts, macros or software to automate the crate opening process is forbidden!
  • Multiaccounts
    - Having more than one account is forbidden. (If you got a sibling that wants to create an account, contact a Staff member!)
  • Account sharing
    - It is not allowed to share accounts with anyone else!
  • Bugusing
    - Using or even abusing any bugs is not allowed! Please report any found bug instantly!
  • Advertising
    - You are not allowed to advertise or share anything on the website, that does not belong to! On Discord however, you can promote yourself or your server in the #self-promotion channel!
  • Illegal Usernames
    - Any usernames, that contains insults, hate speech or any type of harassment are forbidden!
  • Stealing Identity
    - Stealing someone identity or impersonating another user is forbidden!
  • Ignorance & Stupidity
    - Being ignorant and behaving stupid/immature will not be tolerated!
  • Selling for real Money
    - Selling items, accounts etc. for real Money is forbidden!
  • No Scamming!
    - Scamming other players is forbidden and will be punished!
  • Don't spam!
    - No letters, no words, no Emojis. Do not Spam at all!
  • No forcing/pressuring!
    - Forcing or pressuring people to join duels or anything else is forbidden!
  • No foreign Language!
    - Please only talk english in our public chat/channels. Use private messages on Discord etc. to talk other languages.
  • No foul language!
    - Using foul language in chat can and will be punished!
  • Don't insult!
    - Do not use any insulting, racist or discriminating word's/phrases against other people/groups!
  • Don't hate!
    - Do not hate on people/groups or anything at all!
  • Stay private!
    - Do not share any private information, such as Account Data or personal data!
  • Do not encourage Spamming!
    - Do not encourage anyone to spam. This includes hosting giveaways on your own!
  • Don't beg!
    - Do not beg for anything in Chat! No begging for items, donations etc. Do not beg!

  • All of the above will be punished either with a mute, a chat ban or a permanent ban from RLSimulator!
    Ignorance does not protect one from punishment.

    NOTICE: All rules append to all sections of RLSimulator including the Website, the Discord Server and everything else, that is related to RLSimulator.