Welcome to RLSimulator!
Welcome to RLSimulator, the biggest Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator on the interwebs!
What is RLSimulator?
This Website provides a massive Simulating game for opening Rocket League crates. That means, you can open thousands of crates without paying a single dollar, like you would do in Rocket League.
What are Rocket League Crates?
In Rocket League, you can get certain Crates, which you can open to get a item out of it. These Crates contain some common items, some rare items and some very rare items. But to open these crates, you need to have credits, which you can buy with real money.
Why Crate Openings?
Crate Opening is a big phenomenon, which provides a sensational feeling to the one opening crates. You can get excited when getting really rare items or you get mad when you get the most common items. Youtube is full of big youtubers opening tons of crates to celebrate the outcome with their viewers. The views on those videos show, that crate opening has become very popular to watch.
What is so special about RLSimulator?
What if you could open the same unreal amount of crates, youtubers open, without paying anything for it? Thats what you can do here! Open as many crates as you want, celebrate the items, you get out of the crates, collect items in your inventory, Trade them with other players, earn virtual credits every day and show of to your friends. You can even use your funds in other gamemodes! Check out Roulette or Tradeup and get yourself a better inventory. Good Luck :P
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