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RLSimulator Road Map

With new RLSimulator coming closer we thought we should clarify on what's going to be happening with inventory,stats etc.

It has taken a lot of thought but when the transition happens is that everyone's inventory will be wiped but inventory value will be converted into a premium currency with a conversion rate which will also be announced before the transition does happen. With this premium currency you will be able to do things such as activating premium or opening custom crates and more to come. As for any key amount you have will automatically be converted into credits using the following conversion rate:

10-100 Keys/100 credits per key
101-200 Keys/110 credits per key
201-500 Keys/120 credits per key
500+ Keys/130 credits per key

As for all stats we will be making some sort of OG leaderboard and titles will be given out to those who are in those categories.
When the transition does happen we will be resetting back to season 1 for everyone to be on a fresh start.
Somethings could change slightly as it comes out but as of right now this is what its going to be currently.

27.04.2020 13:45 PM

Looking for new staff!

If you want to join our team, go ahead and send us your application by using the form on the link below.



20.06.2019 02:10 AM

New Duel Feature

Just introduced a new duel feature where people are forced to join with the same items as you placed.

Looking to get feedback on the system, and we encourage everyone to try and report any bugs you have seen or experienced.

Join the official RLSim discord to get in contact with either me(Rubix) or Equinox to share any bugs if you find any.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days/weeks!


Rubix & Equinox (Site Owners)

15.05.2019 08:26 AM

New Code

It so appears a new code has been going around, and you want to know how to get it!

Join the RLSwaps discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/nUX8waQ

And check #announcements

Enjoy! - Rubix and Equinox

13.05.2019 08:28 AM

New Owners!

Hello RLSimulator Users!

Me (Rubix) and my partner Equinox would love to introduce ourselves as the new owners of RLSimulator. Many of you may have seen either of us around and we are excited to truly improve the website for everyone.

Keep your eyes on the discord for future updates very soon. If you have any questions feel free to start up a conversation with us in chat or contact us through the discord.

Excited to start a new chapter with everyone,
Rubix and Equinox  

13.05.2019 06:26 AM

500 Key Giveaway

We are giving away 500 Keys on RLSimulator! 

Simply download the RLTPrices app (follow link https://rltprices.com/download-app), head over to the 'news' page, and find your code.

Redeem Code

13.03.2019 03:05 AM

New Item Code

Our partner RLTPrices has just released their brand new app!

Download it using the link below


There is also a 100 key redeemable code for RLSimulator, when you download the app.

30.01.2019 03:55 AM

Merry Christmas

To celebrate the Christmas Spirit, you can redeem the code 'merryxmas' in your settings to redeem a free item!

Find your settings in https://rlsimulator.com/settings, and then find redeem a code! Merry Christmas!

14.12.2018 10:25 AM

Snow Effect

Dislike the snow effect on the website? Disable it in your settings, https://rlsimulator.com/settings.


Need support? Message us on Discord, https://discord.gg/rFDpJZx

08.12.2018 17:42 PM

Daily Giveaways

For the month of December, RLSimulator will be hosting daily giveaways.

How to enter? Simply join the RLSimulator Discord Server (link below), and follow the instructions.


01.12.2018 15:03 PM

1,000 Key Giveaway





RLSimulator Is giving away 1,000 Keys.

To enter, simply join the RLSimulator Discord server. -https://discord.gg/9HnpRjg

24.11.2018 15:16 PM


From November 22nd-November 24th, lifetime premium will be HALF PRICE

Get lifetime right now, for $25 USD, message @Harrinovi#6969 on Discord.

RLSimulator Discord Server - https://discord.gg/rFDpJZx

21.11.2018 23:25 PM

5,000 Discord Members

To celebrate 5,000 Discord Members, RLSimulator is giving away 5,000 Keys, to 5 lucky people!

How to enter? Simple. Join our Discord Server and follow the reactions. -

15.11.2018 00:51 AM


Item Image

RLSimulator Is giving away a Full Mainframe Set.

To enter, simply join the RLSimulator Discord server. -https://discord.gg/9HnpRjg

05.11.2018 02:13 AM

3,000 Key Giveaway

RLSimulator Is giving away 3,000 KEYS.

To enter, simply join the RLSimulator Discord server. -https://discord.gg/9HnpRjg

30.10.2018 02:55 AM


In celebration of Halloween, there is a new code to redeem.

Redeem code 'halloween' in your settings, on https://rlsimulator.com/settings

29.10.2018 02:56 AM

Vote for weekly giveaways now!

Sticking to our promise, we are releasing weekly giveaways for the community. To step it up, we are now allowing the community to vote!

To vote for a prize, join the RLSimulator Discord server here, and vote for a prize -


16.10.2018 03:04 AM

$50 USD Giveaway

paypal giveaway

Win $50 USD in this giveaway right now, enter here -

30.09.2018 08:45 AM

New Logo, New Season, New Crate


New logo, new season, new crate.

We are proud to release our biggest season yet on RLSim, reaching up to 305 concurrent signed in users at once, and a massive flock of users on our mobile app. Our logo (above) was designed by Nilesword, an amazing graphics designer, and the new RLSim choice crate was created by the entire staff team, with Jamie putting extra effort in. We have started our first double exp weekend, a first of many weekend events, and well, I haven't got anything else to say.

Don't forget, redeem code RLSeason6 to get a free item, keep grinding!


RLSimulator Team

22.09.2018 23:52 PM

Win FREE Premium

Win a giveaway for RLSimulator premium for free, enter here -


22.09.2018 15:48 PM

New season, new hype

To hype the release of our biggest season yet (with a double exp weekend!), we are releasing a code -


Redeem at https://rlsimulator.com/settings

22.09.2018 03:17 AM

RLSimulator Season 6







The countdown for Season 6 on RLSimulator has started! HYPE!

In addition to that, we have rolled out an update that reduces all intrusive advertisements on our mobile app! You can download it here.

And finally, I just want to bring attention to the most hard working staff member, CubE. Cube is the backbone of RLSim, and without him, RLSim would not be here. So please, message CubE#1419 on Discord, and thank him. Have a good one! #makerlsimgreatagain


Best regards,
RLSimulator Team

19.09.2018 03:31 AM

Weekly Giveaways!

To increase activity within the RLS community, we are beginning weekly giveaways that will consist of high-value RLS items, which will be rewarded to one lucky winner.

To enter, join the RLSim Discord server - https://discord.gg/9HnpRjg

And from there, you will find further instructions! We are giving away a full set for the first week. See you there!

Best regards,
RLSimulator Team

08.09.2018 20:12 PM

New Owner!

Hello! Nice to meet you, i'm the new owner of RLSimulator.

I would like to introduce myself, you may already know me from RLTPrices, well, now I am the owner of RLS. I intend on making RLSim great again, bringing new features and keeping it updated and fun.

To start off, you can visit https://rlsimulator.com/settings and redeem code "rlsgreatagain". It is worth 100 keys ;)

See you around!

Best Regards,


08.09.2018 05:44 AM

Lifetime Premium!

Paypal Logo Here...

Hey Guys, 
we now offer Lifetime Premium!
If you are sick and tired of spending $5 every single month and going through the hustle of renewing your premium status every month, you can now avoid that.
With just a single payment, you will no longer have to worry about premium. You will never lose it.
Check out https://rlsimulator.com/premium for more information.

Best Regards,
**RLSimulator Team**

21.08.2018 10:37 AM

Name Change made easy!


you can now change your name! Just visit the settings at https://rlsimulator.com/settings and try it out ;)


Best Regards,

RLSimulator Team

12.08.2018 12:22 PM

Zehpyr Crate released!

Guys, we just released the new Zephyr Crate, go and check it out!

Keep in mind, that the items from the crate don't have any prices or painted images yet.

We will follow up with prices and images as soon as possible!


Best Regards,

RLSimulator Team

03.08.2018 07:43 AM

Impact Crate released!

Guys, we just released the new Impact Crate, go and check it out!

Keep in mind, that the items from the crate don't have any prices yet.

We will follow up with prices as soon as possible!


Best Regards,

RLSimulator Team

31.05.2018 08:13 AM

Apply Now!

RLSimulator is looking for new staff members!

If you want to join our team, go ahead and send us your application by using the form on the link below. https://rlsimulator.com/apply

08.05.2018 08:54 AM

Triumph Crate

Hey, we just released the new Triumph Crate, go and check it out! Keep in mind, that the items from the crate don't have any prices yet. We will follow up with prices as soon as possible!

Best Regards, RLSimulator Team

04.04.2018 08:19 AM

Tradeups on the App!

Hey guys,

we finally added tradeups to the app. Go ahead and check it out :P

If you don't have the app yet, you can download it here: RLSimulator APP or simply search for "RLSimulator" on the Google Play store! We will hopefully be able to release the app on IOS too. So keep an eye on the accouncements.


Best Regards

RLSimulator Team

30.03.2018 11:29 AM

Spring Fever Crate

Just added the new Spring Fever Crate! :P For now, only non painted items are in the crate. Painted items will be added as soon as possible.

PS: All items are valued at 0 keys until the market sets a valid price for them.

19.03.2018 11:47 AM

RLSimulator 1v1 Rocket League Tournament

We are hosting a Rocket League 1v1 tournament for PC gamers!

Tomorrow, the 23.02 at 3:30pm CST / 10:30pm CET / 1:30pm PST you will be able to participate in our first attempt of hosting a tournament. As mentioned above, it will be a 1v1 tournament with prices for not only the winner, but also 2nd and 3rd place will receive a price.

The prices depend on how many users are participating in the tournament. But we can assure you, that the prices will be real Rocket League stuff, not RLS!


To signup for the tournament, get on our Discord Server and head over to #bot_spamming and register using the !register command! After using the command, you will be given access to a special Discord Channel, that contains information you need.

22.02.2018 04:19 AM

Marketplace reopening!

The marketplace will reopen at 14:00 CET! (You can use this link to convert German time, CET, to your time: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/)

The amount of items in the marketplace are limited. It will get restocket once in a while, but be aware that, whoever comes first, will be able to buy the best items.

19.02.2018 01:03 AM

Season 5!

Welcome to Season 5

Thanks for sticking around! For Season 5 we did the same thing, we did last season.

Everyone that has been eligable for a Season Reward, has received it!

Also, your EXP has been reset, so you can start fresh to grind up to Grand Champion!

(I did a mistake throughout this process. If you didn't receive a reward, please contact me)


Also, for Season 5, we are officially releasing the Marketplace!

On the Marketplace, you can buy a lot of items. Notice, that prices are higher than the actual worth of the item. Also, you can not put your own items into the marketplace!


Have fun during Season 5!

Best Regards

RLSimulator Team

16.02.2018 09:20 AM

One Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday RLS!

On the 12.02.2017(dd.mm.yyyy) RLSimulator.com launched into the internet!

What started off as a small idea, rocketed to a very real thing real quick.

When xLiquiiD and I started this thing, we didn't expect, that this would really work out as well as it did. We had a really slow start. We didn't advertise much, we just told some people about our website, that's it. It took several weeks until people started noticing us, but then we started to gain some popularity.

After a while, we decided to create this exact Discord Server to get in touch with you guys.(best descision ever.) Discord has helpes us alot. Getting new ideas, bugreports or just general feedback. This is what made this project.

Thanks to all of you gus, we've come to where we are now

 60000+ registered Users on the Website/App. (We have an App!!! WTF)

20million+ opened crates!

3000+ Discord Members!(before we got hacked -_- now -> 1600+)


We can not thank you guys enough to give us this great time and opportunity. As a first thanks, we would like to give you guys a new redeem code.

Head over to https://rlsimulator.com/settings and redeem the following code: "oneyear" to get yourself a item worth 100keys! Also, stay tuned for upcoming new features and giveaways :wink:


Best Regards

RLSimulator Team

12.02.2018 08:56 AM

Better Server

Due to recent Server issues, we decided to move to a different and better Server. To get this done, we will need to go into Maintenance Mode for some minutes. We hope this won't take too long.

08.02.2018 12:12 PM


Due to a new system we implemented, everyone that has a sibling playing on RLSimulator has to have their account connected to your siblings account. This helps us differ between multiaccounting or having a sibling on RLSimulator. To get your accounts connected, please contact a Staff Member(CM, Mod, Admin).
Not having your accounts connected could result in us banning both your and your siblings account. So please get this done.

Best Regards
RLSimulator Team

15.01.2018 12:57 PM

We released an App!

Hey guys, recently we finished the first part of our RLSimulator App for Android. It is not completetly finished yet. The App currently contains a Dashboard, Inventory, Chat, Settings and of course Crate opening(Duel and Roulette will be added in a later update). This means, at the moment you can only open crates, sell items and chat with other people. There is one thing we must confess to you. We decided to place ads in the app as we need to pay for our servers. Of course we are trying to place the ads descreet to make them as little annoying as possible. A question you may ask yourself is: "Why are they not publishing the app on iOS?" Publishing an app on the iOS App store is not cheap, and we simply dont have the money to do that. Also, it would cost us a yearly fee, which isn't low. Right now we are rolling out the first version of our App in the Google Play Store (RLSimulator - Crate Simulator). We are always open for suggestions, improvements and bugreports. So please tell us if you find anything. We would love if you leave a rating for the app on the play store :slight_smile:


Best Regards

RLSimulator Team


14.12.2017 01:41 AM

Discord Server Hacked

So, as you may have noticed, someone had fun playing around on our Discord Server. Somehow, he kicked 3000 People and deleted everything on the Server.

If you got kicked, be sure to join back using this link: https://discord.gg/HQJ83BU

We will try to contact the Discord Support about this incident. Hopefully they can restore our Discord Server.


Best Regards,

RLSimulator Team

07.12.2017 10:28 AM

Ignore tradeoffers

You can now ignore tradeoffers by going to https://rlsimulator.com/settings

19.11.2017 06:58 AM

Website Issues

As some of you noticed, we had some major issues the last couple of days. Sorry for all the downtime. Because we had some problems lately, we want to give you guys something in return for sticking with us and reporting any issue nearly immediately. We created a redeem code that will give you some keys when you redeem it. Because i dont just want to post the code here, i made a small puzzle you guys have to solve to get the code :P Check it out: https://www.jigidi.com/solve.php?id=AL2BRIMI

Solve the puzzle and the code will pop up when you solved it.


Best Regards

RLSimulator Team

02.11.2017 11:58 AM

Accelerator Crate

As you can see, we added the new Accelerator Crate :P As we dont have all images yet, especially images of colored items, some items don't have images. The same for prices. We don't have them all yet. So some items may be worth 0. Just keep them until they get a price.

29.09.2017 09:56 AM

Season 4 !!!

Guys, we are more than happy to announce, that season 4 of RLSimulator has officially started. And we are very grateful for you guys sticking with us this long.

With this new season, all players, that are eligible for season rewards, have been given reward items and some even got the GC title! Congrats to you guys.

The new season, exact like all other seasons, include a total EXP reset of all players. You can now start to grind to Grand Champion again to make sure you get those fancy rewards at the end of the season.. and who knows, maybe these rewards will get a little bit nicer next season ;)

So keep going guys, it may be worth it :P As some of you may notice, we did some changes to our Website. This really took us a long time, so we are very happy to present this new "version" of the Website.

Every page, every user profile etc. now have their own link. So to access your user profile, you can simple use this link: https://rlsimulator.com/profile/NAME. You can also share your profile by sending that link to anyone you want to show it to.

As mentioned above, all pages are now accessible through a link, here are some examples of that: Settings: https://rlsimulator.com/settings CC1: https://rlsimulator.com/cc1 and so on.. We also added some fancy features you might like! Including:

Of course, we tried to fix a lot of bugs, you guys told us about. If you find anything that is not working properly, please contact us. We will try to fix it as soon as possible!

Thats it for today, we will now focus on making your guys's wishes come true, so expect many new upcoming features!


Best Regards,

RLSimulator Team

28.09.2017 11:16 AM

Trade League IP3 Event + Giveaway!!!

Hey Everyone,

listen carefully! Our Partner Trade League is currently hosting a massive event including the following...

  • A huge giveaway, where you win actual Rocket League Items, e.g. White Draco, Crimson Apex, Hellfire and lots more!
  • The whole event has prizes worth more than 500 Keys!

Additionally, you can join Trade League's Discord Server and look for the #rlsimcode channel! This channel contains a redeem code, that will grant you 100 Keys!

So head over to Trade League right now and take part in this epic event!

To celebrate this huge event, we will host our very own Rocket League Giveaway. By reacting to our Discord announcement with :nerd: you enter the giveaway and you will have a chance to win the Fireworks Goal Explosion!!!


Notice, that the Firework, we are giving away, is a real Rocket League item! No RLS item! So you might wanna enter :stuck_out_tongue:


Have Fun and good Luck everyone!

Your RLSimulator Team.

22.09.2017 08:06 AM

2000 Discord Member's!

Dear User's,

As you may have noticed, we recently hit 2000 Discord Member's! To celebrate this, we will provide you with another redeem code for the next two weeks! Redeem the following code: 2k and receive some fancy keys :P


Enjoy playing guys :stuck_out_tongue:

14.09.2017 03:24 AM

A Gift from us

A Gift from us:

Because of the incident that happened yesterday, we will reward you guys with a little gift. For the next two weeks, you will receive 10 keys instead of 5 keys as a Steam Bonus(Check FAQ). Also you will be able to use the following redeem Code: MrHacker. This Code will grant you an item, worth 50 Keys. We hope you guys are somehow ok with this. Have fun playing :stuck_out_tongue:

12.09.2017 14:05 PM

Dashboard, FAQ & LOOT

Update News:

Hey Guys, were happy to announce something new today :P

Today's update includes the following:

  • New redesigned Dashboard
  • Massive FAQ, answering all your questions
  • Partnership with LOOT



:dot:Our new Dashboard is very different to the old one. This new version does no longer have any Information on it (Besides our Partners). All Announcements, that we publish, will be visible on this Dashboard.



:dot:With a total of 45 Questions + Answers, this FAQ hopefully contains every question, you could think of. If we are missing anything, please tell us!


LOOT - Partnership

:dot:LOOT is a Rocket League community server, dedicated to trading and much more. Our server offers secure Middlemen service for Rocket League transactions bigger then the allowed limit, access to the biggest scammers database where you can check your trading partner before trading, a high performance reputation system & ofc, a trusted team.


Go check out Loot guys!

09.09.2017 05:11 AM

Email Verification

As all of you may have noticed, we implemented Email verification on our website! :mailbox_with_mail:

We are still having some problem with getting those mails delivered.

If you did not get an email(be sure to check spam!) please contact xLiquiiD on our Discord server! He will manually activate your account!


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

25.08.2017 12:04 PM

New Partner!


A huge Rocket League community, join us and ask about our $100 USD giveaway now!

We feature

  • Giveaways
  • Games
  • Raffles
  • Community events


Go check those guys out :P

25.08.2017 12:39 PM

Coinflip & Roulette

Dear User's, were more than happy to announce another new gamemode Roulette :roulette:

  • Bet on either Red, Black or the very rare Green!
  • Win up to 14x your bet!
  • Im sure you all know how it works. If not, ask the community. :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:
  • Have fun guys :P



:dot: Roulette will replace Coinflip for now! So no more coinflip guys :nerd:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

25.08.2017 12:39 PM

Dear Patron..

Once again, half of our Patrons didnt pay/have money, so we cant give Premium to the guys that didnt pay.

Also if youre a Premium member now, and you didnt pay, we will remove Premium Status from your account.

Dont forget: Patron's will be charged on the 1st of every month. So thats when we can give Premium status :wink:

Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

25.08.2017 12:12 PM

Trading & new Staff!

Dear Users, it's finally happening!

We are releasing Trading! We know that you all have been waiting for it. Now, it's finally here. I hope you enjoy it. I attached a little GIF to show you how it basicly works. Have fun guys :P

PS: You may need to refresh the Website!

tw, we also decided to recruit some more staff. So we would like to ask the following 4 User's to join our Staff Team:

  • John The Potato :cm:
  • Shire :cm:
  • LePanda :cm:
  • Mythix :pm:

Legend: - :cm: -> Community Manager - :pm: -> Price Manager

PS: Please contact me to get things sorted out.


Best Regards,


25.08.2017 12:36 PM


Just a little reminder: Multiaccounts(having more than 1 account) are not allowed!

If you want to keep your main account and not be banned, i suggest you guys to contact us before we notice your multiaccounts. If we see any multiaccounts, we will ban all related accounts including the main account. So contact us before that to sort things out.

PS: This is a kind offer from me :wink:

Best Regards,


24.08.2017 11:23 AM

Alpha Item rollout!

Hey Guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Alpha Items have been given out. Based on your database ID.

100 Gold Rush
250 Gold Stone
500 Gold Cap
1000 Gold Nugget

As a thank you for playing the alpha. Enjoy!


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:22 AM

Painted Overdrive Images

We just added painted overdrive images :stuck_out_tongue:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:13 AM

Premium Giveaway - Results

Hey Guys! :smiley:

I wanted to thank you all for joining this giveaway, I congratulate all the winners of the giveaway!

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be hosting more giveaways which could range from premium to actual stuff in real life Rocket League!

Only time will tell, the video where I picked the winners will be linked below, and I would greatly appreciate if you could like, comment, and subscribe! I request all winners to message @CubE to claim your premium and the list of winners from the giveaway are tagged as follows @NatureIcy , @Tom , @Legacyy???? , and @Watrus90 ! Due to some difficulties and Randy691 not being present in the discord we rerolled and want to say congrats to our last winner @Agimic !

Hopefully everyone enjoys, and can't wait to do more giveaways in the future!

Video: Click here!


- Rubix

24.08.2017 11:28 AM

Website Rules - Adjustments

We'd like to announce that we made a change to our current #website-and-chat-rules, in addition to "Using scripts is forbidden" we've added that macros/programs & software to automate the crate opening process is now a bannable offense aswell as the already in enforced "Using scripts is forbidden".

The reasoning behind this is, that the advantage users gain over the "normal" players is just unfair, because they spent no effort into opening the crates, which they are likely to use for duels.

To the people out there using those softwares/programs, we made a system which will detect if you open the crates the way they are meant to be opened.


This rule will come into force at 12 AM CEST on the 19th of July.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:53 AM

Premium Giveaway!

Hey Guys, one of our kind users decided to host a giveaway here on RLSimulator! @Rubix is offering you guys the chance to win one month of Premium Status on RLSimulator.com!

All you have to do is got to #bot_spamming and do the command !giveaway.

On July 19th, @Rubix will pick 5 People at random. These 5 people will then be rewarded with Premium Status for one month!

So go ahead and sign up for this amazing giveaway, good luck to you all! :P


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:14 AM

RLSimulator - Season 3

Dear Users,

we are more than happy to announce, that Season 3 of RLSimulator has started today! This Season we are planning on releasing many new Features including Trading, Minigames & Design Reworks! For the start of Season 3 we did the following changes:

  • Rebalancing of Ranks: Ranking is now much more balanced. Getting ranked will be faster. Getting Grand Champion will take longer. 
  • Season Rewards: Of course we got some rewards for you guys. Based on your Rank, you will be rewarded with a Special Item. Players who reached Grand Champion will receive a new Title.  
  • Groups: You can now create Groups with your friends. Play Games/Open Crates to get Achievements level up your Group. Higher Level means more EXP and more keys when playing games/selling Items. Make your Group the best on the Website!  
  • Chat: We finally implemented a Chat system! It's in the bottom right of the Website.

That's it for now, hopefully this Season will at least be as successfull as last Season.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.


PS: Season 3 starts at 3pm CEST.

24.08.2017 11:52 AM

Season 3 start date

Season 3 will start on 07/10/2017 at 3pm CEST. All user will be rewarded with items based on their ranks. People who reached grand champion will get the "Season 2 Grand Champion" title. All ranks will be reset.

24.08.2017 11:19 AM

Season 3 start date

Season 3 will start on 07/10/2017 at 3pm CEST!

All user will be rewarded with items based on their ranks.

People who reached grand champion will get the "Season 2 Grand Champion" title. All ranks will be reset.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:18 AM

New partnership!

Hey guys, be sure to check out our friends at Glacial Trades!

They provide ...

:dot: Fast & Fair Trading!

:dot: Regular Giveaway's!

:dot: Fun Games!

:dot: Awesome Community! Be sure to check 'em out! It's worth it, trust me :wink:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:21 AM

Fixed security issues!

So, we spent the last day fixing some security Issues. Everything should be good now. We hope this wont happen again. Even if something like that happens again, we do a lot of Database backups, so dont worry :stuck_out_tongue: The website is back online :smiley:

Have fun guys, and sorry for the downtime :expressionless:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:42 AM

Laggs are gone!

  • As some of you noticed, we got a new Server.
  • The website should run much smoother. Lags should be mostly gone :)
  • On the other side, we need to finance this Server. We do not make any money on this Project yet, so we would greatly appreciate, if you guys decide to help us out.
  • Some of you suggested, that we should create a Patreon page.
  • That's exactly what we did.
  • Of course you will get rewarded for your support. You can read about rewards directly on the Patreon Page. Feel free to suggest more Rewards in the #improvements Channel.

Let's make this Website great again! :smile:



Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:51 AM

First season ends!

Hey guys, we are happy to announce, that the first season of RLSimulator.com ends right now :smiley: It was a short first season, but it was a really great one. We had some Problems during early development, but we hope it will get better and better now. Your support was really overwhelming, thank you! As a gift from us developers, we would like to reward you all with Rocket League typical season rewards. You can see a Screenshot of the rewards below. Also, we are releasing a new Gamemode. Item TradeUp's will finally be released. We also made it harder to get Grand Champion, so keep on going guys :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun getting rid of your dusty rare and very rare items :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for everything guys, have a nice time on RLSimulator.com!


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:30 AM

Added painted very rare items

Very Rare items (Painted):

  • Added painted very rare items.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:35 AM

Duel released!

Hey guys :smiley:

We are happy to announce another brand new Feature. It's called Duel.

  • Duel is a game where you can put up to 8 of your Items on the line for a 1v1 Battle vs. another player.
  • You create a game with your items.
  • Someone joins the battle with some of his items, that are worth the same or even more!
  • One of you wins all items in the pot by random.sda

Try it out Guys, it's really fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:33 AM

Issues fixed!

Issues are fixed since 1pm.

  • You can now connect your account with steam and use avatar for profile.
  • If your steam name contains "RLSimulator.com" you will get some bonuses like more exp.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:08 AM

Coinflip released!


  • Released coinflip. You can now flip a coin for keys. If you find some bugs please let me know. :v:


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:59 AM

Images added for Roulette and Kalos

Added Painted images for Kalos and Roulette:

  • Added images for Roulette and Kalos.


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:27 AM

Sell all items option

Item Mass Selling

  • You can now sell all items in your inventory depends on their rarity.(Sort Inventory button)


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team.

24.08.2017 11:04 AM

Added painted items

Painted Items

  • Added painted items. Maybe there are some items wrong. Please report if you find a wrong item or something :yum:

Happy opening!


Best Regards,

Your RLSimulator Team

24.08.2017 11:30 AM
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